Monday 12 July 2010

Limbo and The Marquis

I've not posted for a couple of weeks on here. Still in moving house Limbo, but will be finally moving into the new abode in the next couple of days and should be able to fully set up shop so i can get some form of regular posting again.
Meanwhile i've been working on a new 5 Page preview for Dream Solver which will be published in the next book by Insomnia. so keep an eye out for that....even though i'll fully bombard any reader with more info closer to the time it gets released.
I can't go posting up on here without having something to show for myself, so here is a sketch i'm working on of Guy Davis' 'The Marquis' its not finished, i think i should make something more out of this, if it turns out well i may try and send it to the Marquis Blog. wish me luck.

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