Tuesday 9 November 2010

Revamp Dream Solver

Apologies for yet another lack of posting. recently been very busy. taken on more than i can chew and burnt the candle from both ends to the core....but this has brought about it a plus.....finally some coloured work and plenty of it so without further ado!

Recently in light of the Insomnia fiasco's the Dream Solver team have been working to get together a new preview of the book, this time were going for a fully functioning Ebook preview and Longer than the last. So in true self depreciating artist style i have been going over the first chapter and killing any form of ego I'd built up over getting my first full comic job. and realizing that i had made quite a mess. i know this is typical for an artist to look over the old work and tear any form of love and pride down but its now over a year since the first 8 page preview we posted up on the Dream Solver blog and i feel like a totally different artist, the work has grown in both style and technique so looking back i can see the way i was and think what a shameful time!
Anyway. looking over the old stuff I've felt that i cant post up any of that work professionally without giving it a good once over re work some of the really bad flaws, some may be forgivable so its not a whole new book.
one page i re worked hit me and made me realize the big leap I've made since last year. and that would be the first page. after I'd re drawn it i too a lean back in the chair and it did feel good to look at then and now.

This is the original panel 2 of page 1 i drew summer of 2009

And this is a few weeks back. i think the comparison speaks for itself. the pose, style and neatness has taken a leap...i think/hope anyway.

More to come!

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