Friday 28 January 2011

True Grit: Official Business

Just a quick heads up. the True Grit: mean Business Dime Novel is now up on the official movie site it links to different formats of E Books and is available in 7 Languages!
So far had some nice reviews and some really positive feedback. I promise I'll have some behind the scenes type stuff and some general new work up soon. just want to let the dust settle and blow some smoke from the gun. Really happy with the reception so far so thanks for all the kind words and support!
More to come!


  1. Hi Chris,
    we have a illustration blog (, among other things, and we would do a story on his work in True Grit Comic Book.
    These are some of the illustrators and interviewed: Federico Mancuso, Michael Blaine Myers Jr., Gabriel Campanario, Jorge Colombo, Joshua Kemble, Marc Burckhardt, Jacob Benison, Roberto Parada, James-Alexander Mathers, Mark Todd, Dr. Alderete, Gary Baseman, Fernando Vicente, Robert Risko, Gianluca Fallone, Ed Carosia, Eric Tan, and Manuel LariƱo.
    My mail:

    I hope it is okay to send questions.
    Norberto Baruch B.

  2. Will it be available in paper form as well or is it a web only thing?

  3. Hey Martin, yeah its intended to go into some form of print at some point. not sure whether it is going out as a limited print or out with the DVD. I'll post up as soon as I know.