Thursday 12 May 2011

Bristol BICS: sneak peaks,prints and new homes

Gonna be going to the Bristol BICS this weekend, walking round as a spectator as usual, will be trying to find a new home for Dream Solver with Luke we finally wrapped up the first chapter so were taking that along to show and tell.
Also i'll be having some prints of the True Grit MB Cover that were printed for me for the CataWiki event a few weeks back, a limit of 9 A4 to be exact. so if anyone is interested in grabbing a free print with a sign or sketch be sure to find me and ask.. i know my face isn't that well known so if you check out my Twitter i'll no doubt be tweeting where i am, otherwise DM me on twitter or email me and i'd no doubt be up to meet at the venue's bar sometime for anyone who wants a sit down sketch or a print signed.
Also taking along my portfolio to get some crit from some of the pros so i'll have some sneaks at some of the web comics and books i'm working on at the moment.

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