Thursday 1 March 2012

Creator Owned Day 01/03/12

Phew!,I think i've just made it into the Creator owned day.

Now i've admittedly cut a few corners with my C.O.D pieces. (doesn't sound right does it)
mainly due to time and the ever long battle of an artist with his self esteem.
my original intention of my post was a sketch for each book i'm working on at the mo as the characters are all completely owned by myself and the writer, and then i was going to do my own character, stupidly i'd left it all until the day so i was a bit rushed. mainly for the new character. the concept was there but his face just wouldn't come out.. humph, so i've settled with just the characters of the books i'm working on. I had intended to do one of each but the inks for one just completely went fubar so i scrapped that and have used a piece i've shown before but still rather like.. as i say each are from a book i'm currently working on all of them i'm equally proud of and equally honored to be working with the writers/team that accompanies working on them. i'm just giving you the titles as more will be announced for all soon.

so here goes, i'll start with the two new pieces..

'Porcelain' Writer - Benjamin Read :

'DreamSolver' Writer - Luke Foster:

'Butterfly Gate' Writer - Benjamin Read :

And here's the best thing that came for the original character. i think i'll re visit him later this week or next! think what you will from this:

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