Thursday 20 September 2012

Action Short

Just wanted to get back into a bit of posting as it's been horribly quiet here. This here is a little action sample i did recently. I'd been guided towards an advert about an artist looking for someone who would like to submit for a Saturday morning cartoon style action comic. I honestly didn't think i was much good for such a thing but the guy took a shine to my work and asked me to do an action sample showing how i could deal with a Monster, Jet-pack and a grappling hook. being that i'm in the heat of Improper Books deadlines at the moment i tried to pull off something as quickly as possible. so i put together a little 3 page piece, i gave myself a day to do it all so i only managed to get two pages inked and quickly grey shaded.
I had a bunch fun doing it a but i think it's obvious i'm not very well versed in POW POW action scenes! I pretty well came up with the showdown on panel one of page two first and drew around that. I'd be the first to admit there is plenty wrong with this piece and was a bit reluctant to show it but here you go... Anyway i actually got the job on the short but instantly realized i would be biting off more than i could chew with everything i'm on at the moment so i had to back down which is a shame and the guy sounded like a lot of fun to work with and it was nice to get a thumbs up as the guy is a pretty big name in one of the big two so a nice bit of an ego boost. anywho, feel free to give me any pointers, as i say i know this is not the best actin sequence.

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