Tuesday 17 September 2013


Hey, hey!
Just a quick post.
I'd received a tweet by a rather lovely chap, Dave Kirkwood the other day asking if I could spare a sketch and be take part in his Mobster leaflet. The idea is to ask artists far and wide to help with the promotional leaflet for his Micro Mob prints. Myself, I'm just a small blimp compared to some of the other creators who have jumped in and there's more to come! My hero Dave Gibbons has even done one!
But the main thing, is that all funds for his prints go to a good cause. Dave gives the details HERE on his site but in short any profit goes to Teenage Cancer Trust, Cyclist Versus Cancer and When You Wish Upon a Star UK. So how could I or even YOU not take part? 

Jump in with a sketch yourself. It took no time at all for me to throw in one and I'm glad to be a part. So I implore other artists I know or don't to throw a quick sketch in.
Anyway enough about me. Go Check out Dave's Site and get yourself a print! 

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