Monday 18 November 2013

Thought Bubble - 2013: Comission Requests

Good day, guys and ghouls!
Just wanted to post up my plan for commission requests at this years Thought Bubble Convention.
I'll be making and order list for 4 maybe 5 pieces on each day. I'd love to take a list to work on before but unfortunately I don't have time to get any done before the convention. so rather than racking up an impossible list on the day I thought I'd line them up before hand. If your interested drop me a DM on Twitter or Email via the address on my blogger profile page.

Prices are:
1 x A4 Penciled and Inked character piece - £30 (add extra £5 for additional characters)
1 x A4 Head Sketch - £15

I'll be doing free pencil sketches in copies of Porcelain and Butterfly Gate if you'd like one :)

Please do pop by our table and say hi!

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