Wednesday 13 April 2011

Dream Solver: EBook Preview

Finally posted a new preview for Dream Solver, you can read through here:
Myebook - Dream Solver - click here to open my ebook
Meanwhile i'm going to sit in the corner to cringe and wait on whatever comments may get thrown in. please leave crits or comments if you have time.
This is the book that propelled me into the comics realms, so there is a lot of finding my comfort zone both technically and stylistically so i think my style has a lot to be desired, although i am happy with most and i think i've stepped it up a notch as the book goes on....but you'll have have to wait and see about that. anyway enjoy.
Big thanks to Luke for waiting out on me to get things done on my end, and to Lauren for jumping into the pot midway and making it look even better.
Also keep checking the Dream Solver Blog for more updates!

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