Saturday 9 April 2011

Time-Lapse Video: Stuff Bot

just got wind of a time video of me doing a sketch for Stuff Magazine. I did my first sign and sketch session last week at Orbital Comics in Leicester Square last week (sorry forgot to post info about that..nerves) but before the session Luke from Stuff Magazine asked me to do a sketch for the online magazine and to film it with some flashy tech. so here it is the ...."Stuff Bot".... literally did it on the spot and a short time to film so that my excuse for any mess. anyway Enjoy:
Stuff Bot Sketch Vid

Also the guys at Orbital where kind enough get me on their Podcast show, i had a really good laugh with them for a few minutes while they asked me some stuff about how i got on True Grit and general who what when and why about me. unfortunately the sound quality ended up pretty naff so hopefully going in to do another quick Q&A soon so i'll post up that i they ever let me back on for a mumble.
I had a really awesome first time sketch session at Orbital on the behalf of the Guys at the CataWiki site so a nice little shout out to them. but i'll go into that session more in another post because i need some space to babble on about that properly. meanwhile, thanks to those who showed up had a chat and watched me sketch like a nervous chimp.

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