Sunday 2 October 2016


Hey hey!

So this happened!
DC announced that I'll be taking the art helm of Batgirl after Rafael Albuquerque, from issue #7.


The article linked above has DC's press release on it all so I won't fill this post up with too much that has already been said. Anyone who has checked my twitter will know that I'm super excited, nervous and honoured to be on board.
If DC had come to me offering art duties on any choice of character, Batgirl would have been number one or joint number one with Gotham Academy. I've already had little bits to do with Gotham Academy already so I'm feeling lucky and spoilt.
I've worked on bits of design and cover artwork for Batgirl, so I've technically already started but I start actual interior pages as of next week.

Readers of Porcelain fear not! I'm still beavering away at Porcelain book 3 'Ivory tower'. I still have a fair chunk to get through so keep your eyes peeled as I'll still be posting peeks of that as usual on Instagram.  And as Far as I'm concerned I'll still be working with Ben Read and Improper Books for as long as Ben writes me stories.

Meanwhile, here are the two first pieces of official Batgirl art I've done so far!


Also for anyone interested here are the thumbnails
and colour test sketches I gave in originally for the pieces. 

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