Sunday 18 December 2016


Hey, Hey!

Super happy to say that myself and the Improper Books team have donated a bunch of goodies to Worldbuilders again for 2016.
I won't try and explain what Worldbuilders and Heifer international do but go HERE, read the info and look around the site. You will see what a great, decent and intelligent thing they do to help make the world a better place. 

We sent a bundle of books for people to win. All books signed and should have sketches in them. 
Also myself I sent off a handful of the Porcelain: Bone China prints I made for this year's convention tours. Right now, the world builders auction is the only way you can get a sketched edition of my books or my Porcelain prints as I have no conventions booked for next year yet. 

Also, as a little bonus for fans of Patrick Rothfuss and his Kingkiller chronicles series. I gave the Worldbuilders team a few copies of a wedding decoration I had made for my wedding with Laura from earlier this year.  The piece is a pub sign design I did for 'The Eolian' from The Name Of The Wind & The Wise Man's Fear  (Full long and lengthy story behind my pub sign designs here)

Big, big thanks to Peter Berry at Bespoke Laser Cutting for helping me get these ready in time to send out to Worldbuilders. :D check out his Instagram HERE

So go keep an eye on the Worldbuilders Ebay auctions HERE. All Improper Books bundles, pub signs and more goodies to come. Just look at the lists for items from other artists and writers from all walks of fantasy and Sci Fi life.There is so much good stuff and the lists constantly update with new items.  

Here's a peek at some of the books and prints Laura & I sketched and sent in for the auctions:

Keep you eyes peeled and bid high! Every donation has an automatic match in place, so any money donated automatically doubles. As of the time of writing this they just smashed through the 2 Million mark which is incredible! Hopefully you can help push it further ;)