Friday 26 November 2010

Dream Solver: Alive and well

Howdy, i've been a bit absent with much news on DreamSolver....and everything else but i assure you DreamSolver still lives!
We at the DS camp have just put up a little Blog post with some samples of panels in the Ebook preview we're just tying up. so go have a peek. should have the cover in the bag soon, so there will be some background and result of that when i get it done. working on that and more so i leave you with a piece reflecting the artists current state:

Artists are known to put a bit of themselves into their work....

Saturday 20 November 2010

True Grit : First of the sketches

I was slightly taken aback by the trailer of the True Grit and wanted to draw Bridges re-vison of Rooster Cogburn straight away.
Also the past few months i've been getting into and reading the style of a lot of Euro comic artists, seem to have found a style that i feel really comfortable trying to work towards. recently i've been reading the Likes of Blueberry and Bouncer which are just plain and simple beautiful works of art in each panel. so think any Western style skecthes or work will ooze of Moebius or Boucq influence.
This is a tryout for a full sketch of the Character.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

"Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici"

had a recent fever of the 5th of November and did a little warm up sketch of V, still trying to get to grips with the brush pen. think i messed up the cloak near the bottom a bit. this is just a slap of colour. so hopefully if i come back to it i'll get a bit more experimental with the colour, but i thought for now the basic will do.

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Recent Work: The Unmentionable

So heres a couple of samples of some more recent work. i'm not too sure how much of this i'm allowed to speak of but basically it was for a little pitchi worked on with Martin Conaghan writer of the recent Burke and Hare Graphic Novel.

For this i worked heavily from photo reference, that alone for me was something quite different because i feel a lot more comfortable making up the poses myself. again more use of the brush pen was included and i was a lot more confident with shadow and making the guys look...well manly and rough. so it was a fun little bunch of pages to work on.

DreamSolver: then and now part deux

Another Redrawn example from the DreamSolver Book. like the last ne i kind of think it shows a bit how I've progressed recently. Dream Solver is a heavy Dialogue book so I've been a little sparse on some background details but i think its should set it off ok when it has the letter art over the top.
the original page i couldn't even bare to spend the time colouring i wanted to re do it so bad so i didn't even attempt it. the newer panels also show that i've been using a brush pen a lot more. still not completely at home with that but it feels so nice and natural when it works. i need to add more shadow into these but another confidence factor i'm working on.
Before:Drawn 2009

After:Drawn 2010

Revamp Dream Solver

Apologies for yet another lack of posting. recently been very busy. taken on more than i can chew and burnt the candle from both ends to the core....but this has brought about it a plus.....finally some coloured work and plenty of it so without further ado!

Recently in light of the Insomnia fiasco's the Dream Solver team have been working to get together a new preview of the book, this time were going for a fully functioning Ebook preview and Longer than the last. So in true self depreciating artist style i have been going over the first chapter and killing any form of ego I'd built up over getting my first full comic job. and realizing that i had made quite a mess. i know this is typical for an artist to look over the old work and tear any form of love and pride down but its now over a year since the first 8 page preview we posted up on the Dream Solver blog and i feel like a totally different artist, the work has grown in both style and technique so looking back i can see the way i was and think what a shameful time!
Anyway. looking over the old stuff I've felt that i cant post up any of that work professionally without giving it a good once over re work some of the really bad flaws, some may be forgivable so its not a whole new book.
one page i re worked hit me and made me realize the big leap I've made since last year. and that would be the first page. after I'd re drawn it i too a lean back in the chair and it did feel good to look at then and now.

This is the original panel 2 of page 1 i drew summer of 2009

And this is a few weeks back. i think the comparison speaks for itself. the pose, style and neatness has taken a leap...i think/hope anyway.

More to come!