Monday 30 April 2012


Over the next couple of Weeks i have a bit of a relaxed schedule before the coming Bristol Expo. So due to that i'm taking on commission requests. so far i've taken on a few so there's some more spaces for requests. if anyone is going to Bristol and wants me to have something a bit neater done then by all means Email me or DM me on twitter. So far the prices are: Head sketch = £5 A4 body and background = £10 Anything more as in more than one character or something bigger then obviously i will charge a bit more. The sketches would be fully pencilled and inked maybe a bit of colour or grey wash... Please eel welcome to give any request. i'd like some decent exercises before the coming conventions

Monday 16 April 2012

Comic Cons!

Howdy, So far i've booked myself into 3 cons this year with a table and all. first up is going to be the DemonCon held in the Exchange studio, Maidstone on the 22nd April.
i'm down as a DemonCon virgin and general all round convention sketcher virgin, so if you come along be gentle!

Next up is the Bristol Expo on the 12th May held at the Brunel old station-passenger shed & at the Ramada Hotel. i'm going there as part of our new team 'Improper Books' were launching the preview of our first book 'Porcelain' and the first episode of 'Butterfly Gate' both drawn by me! Writer Benjamin Read, Editor Matt Gibbs and My partner in crime and who is later this year having a book coming out through said imprint Laura Trinder (and she'll will be popping her comic convention cherry too)

So come on down to that to get sketches and signed copies of our limited preview prints. and hear what were planning to do and the stories we've got in the works!
Also DreamSolver wise i Think writer Luke Foster is due to be there too so i'm sure you can find either of us to ask any questions or get sketches for that book too!

And finally Thought Bubble held in Leeds at Saviles Hall on the 11th -18th November.
and Porcelain is due for ultimate and total completion for then (eek!) so we are due to launch the full graphic novel then warts and all so expect the whole Improper Books team to attend that too!

So come along and please do drop by the tables and say hi and see if i'm ok and not too freaked out...

Wednesday 11 April 2012

In the works..

Hi all, sorry for the radio silence on here, the past few weeks i've been storming away at the inks for Porcelain and have just got chapter 1 finished up, two more to go. Here's a little medley of my photo feed on twitter which i often post on daily, it has a bit of mix a of all the stages.

And yes the idea is somewhat shamelessly stolen from Becky Cloonan's own blog but it's a pretty neat idea if you post progress on twitter alot. so full props to her influence on this post.