Tuesday 22 December 2015

Pac Man - 35th Anniversary


You may know that it was the 35th anniversary of Pac Man this year and Bandai wanted to pull together an artistic celebration in honour of the dot munching hero. They gathered 65 artists  and I was asked to be one of them. Apparently the art was on display in Jump Festa expo in Japan though I haven't been able to find any pics yet
There is talk of an artbook but nothing certain just yet. meanwhile here is my piece:

Drew this almost completely digital this time around. Pencilled on paper, inked in Manga Studio and coloured in Photoshop. 

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Assassin's Creed: Covers

Hey, hey!

CBR just did an article about the new run of Assassin's Creed comic and the variant covers and mentioned one of the ones I've done. HERE
The self important artist in me noticed that the colours of my cover on that article were ever so slightly off because of it being a CMYK file and I find colours almost always look awful when posted on the internet in that file type. So to soothe the fussy art beast in me here's an RGB version which should better show how it will come out in print :)

I've got another cover for that run too, both I'm really happy with.  I'm genuinely a big fan of the games so It was awesome to be able to do something for Ubisoft and Titan.

Also mentioned in that article is the Templar series that will have covers by my buddy Marc Lamming I've had a sneak at another one and trust me they are wicked! I think he's also doing some for AC too so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday 4 December 2015

Worldbuilders 2015: Original Art & Book Auction!!


So for the second year in a row the Improper Books team have given some of our works to the Worldbuilders/Heifer charity team for their annual auction.
Last year we gave away some copies of our books but this year I think we've really given some good bundles of things to auction.

So if you know me and my work you may also know(And be annoyed) that I haven't sold any original of anything yet (I'm hoping to in the future but still no idea when) Meanwhile this is actually the first chance to get your hands on my actual inked pages.

I've given the guys at Worldbuilders a page of inked artwork to go with a copy of each of the respective books. Also it's not mentioned in the description but with each book that comes with the artwork I've signed and sketched in the font too.

Also if you are new to our works or fancy a pack of it all for someone who hasn't read any of our books then we have also given in 4 bundles of all of our books. in there. so that is Night Post, Porcelain, Porcelain: Bone China, Briar, Butterfly Gate, Night and Dragon and Mulp - Books 1+2.

HERE is a link to the auction listings. If you scroll through you can find our stuff in amongst the other auctions.
There are tons of great little item packs in there so be sure to check out all things  up for bidding. Speaking as a big 'Name Of The Wind'/ Patrick Rothfuss fan there are some achingly good trinkets on there.

Remember this is more importantly for a good cause, a great cause in fact. So bid high!!
I don't want to butcher the explanation for what Worldbuilders do so here is a video by World builders about what they and Heifer do:

Also here are the pages that you can get hold of in the auction (they are all brushed Ink on Bristol board A3 pieces):

Butterfly Gate:  Chapter 2 - Page 31 

Porcelain : A Gothic Fairy Tale
Chapter 3 - Page 1

Porcelain : Bone China
Chapter 2 - Page 22
Briar : Page 31