Tuesday 15 February 2011

Les Enfant Terribles: The Butterfly Gate

Just got back from a weekend of Brainstorming at my good friend @BookPirate (aka Ben Read). I went along with my My Partner in Crime Laura Trinder to do some planning and mind melding for some books we're working on this year. we have got a lot down some big ideas for the rest of the year. dubbed "the year of doing"
This here is an sketch I did whilst at Ben's and then decided to carry it through to inking when Igot home. they are the protagonists of a series myself and Ben have planned for the coming year. Ben has some serious ideas for these guys, and they are about to go through one hell of a journey. So far i've got one episode in the bag, working under the title of 'The Butterfly Gate'. but i'm going to get a bit of a back up before we release anything fully. but stay tuned, these guys will be around again soon for sure.

Monday 7 February 2011

True Grit: Eagle Awards Noms

just a quick heads up!
apparently fallen onto the drop list on the Eagle Awards website, not sure i've done half as much as I should to earn the right! but its nice to get some appreciation! if you've read the book and like the story and work you can put in vote for me as a 'Best Newcomer Artist' True Grit: Mean Business has been nominated as 'Best British Black and White Comic' also Jim Campbell who was the lettering maestro of True Grit:MB has been nominated for best letterer. now that is a man who has well and truly earned his stripes in the comic book industry this year. to vote for any or all of us go to the website HERE

sorry for another text heavy info email. a bunch of new art and news will be posted by the end of the week.

Friday 4 February 2011

True Grit: Mean Business "what ya'll think"

Still waiting to get a free moment to post up some new work and some True Grit sketches. Meanwhile True Grit has had constant nice responses. or at least a lack of negative responses so i'm turning that into a positive.......anyway, thought i'd share a few reviews, plus i've done a couple of interviews about how I got the job and recently this week i've had an interview more about the process with the Visual Mente Blog. that's usually a Spanish site but they have posted my interview in my own shaky English. anyway here's some links. hope to see more reviews!



If anyone finds any i've missed then be sure to let me know, i'd still like to add links and just generally see what people think.