Tuesday 22 November 2011

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Warhouse: Trailer!

Finally the trailer for a film i worked on a while back has come out!
Very very proud to have been part of this film and so it's coming with bad-ass trailer!
Take a Look:

I worked as the Concept Artist for this film, if you've read through any of my old blog you will have seen snippets of pieces I did, as with most films some designs made it some didn't, and some where taken out at the last moment, but that's just the way of the film making process.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Concept Sketch: Minor

This here is just a minor character from a book I'm working on titled porcelain, this guy is actually rather minor, but i was really happy with the sketch, from some feedback i've had hes to have some minor changes but essentially this will be one of our chaps. having a meet up to go over all the concept work for 'Porcelain' this week so hopefully after that's done and given the green light i can show some of the sketches I've been doing and the main characters.
I cant wait to get properly started on pages now!

Friday 7 October 2011

Butterfly Gate: More colour tests

This here is a full page of our upcoming Web Comic 'Butterfly Gate' i'm still hammering away at some colour tests of the comic to see if we're happy with the way it's going.
if you've seen my previous posts about the BG colour tests you will probably notice a dramatic change in tone (compare here). Episode 1 of BG goes through about three changes in tone, with these shifts i'm hoping it will add a better depth in the atmosphere and feeling of the comic throughout, this page is actually the first sudden shift into a different physical area, which is aiming for a cooler and more uncertain feeling compared to the wide outdoor garden bathed in sun..

your more than welcome any comments or crit on my colouring or general work you see on here, i'm still very fresh and pointers never go amiss!

Monday 3 October 2011

Tom Waits: Tom's Chin

I've been blown away by Tom waits over the past month or so, I was introduced to his music properly by some chaps from work and now i'm well and truly hooked so it was inevitable that i did some form of sketch of him.

Now It's hard to recommend a song as he's so diverse and has a few different sounds so go check him out yourself, meanwhile i will leave with this video which i do rather like..

Friday 30 September 2011

Sketch: Polly Inspired

This Mornings warm up sketch, just had some fun.

Meanwhile i'm working at the design of the next comic i'm working on with Benjamin Read. We have a couple of separate comics in the works at the moment, one of them being 'Butterfly Gate' which will be an episodic Web-comic (trying to get a couple of issues in the bag before we release anything) and 'Porcelain' this is going to be a full graphic novel. as soon as the pre-work is done I'll be diving head first into that for a few months hopefully to get it out by early next year.
I'll post up some details on Porcelain when Ben and i have our next head bang about it all. i cant wait to show some of this stuff off and get stuck in on actual pages, Mr Read has crafted a beautiful story and we've been talking and brain storming it for nigh two years now so I've told myself to give it nothing less than my A game. so lets hope i don't disappoint!

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Warm Up: Went All The Way

This is was just a warm sketch up as a favor for a friend, but i ended up completing it in full ink and colours, mainly used the practice of each stage as a warm up for the past few days.

Friday 16 September 2011

Yolvin and Hobme

This piece of work isn't mine but I had to post it up because it's probably the best birthday card I received yesterday, the skills belong to my partner in crime Laura Trinder

More real work soon!

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Dream Solver: A New Hope

We've had this news for a while now but we wanted to tie up our contracts and get a green light from our new publishers before we posted any official announcement. so all is in order and we are now happy, excited probably more ecstatic that Our Girl Ione Rose has been taken in by the mighty force of Markosia
The Dream Solver camp are feeling very lucky and safe once again....possibly a little worried that we have a deadline again!

Thursday 8 September 2011

Warm up sketch: Lady head

Essentially Dani from our Dream Solver book. just a quick warm up from this morning cleaned up a bit in photoshop.

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Nitty Gritty: True Grit Cover Art

So I’ve come back to milk a bit more of the True Grit: Mean business job I had at the beginning of the year. I’m actually still playing with some other bits in my spare time for practice but I’ll save that until I’ve finished it, so consider this the first part of a True Grit MB extension.
I’ve wanted to post this since the comic came out but I’ve held it off for a while, mainly because I’ve had a bunch of work on, and general forgetfulness…tsk, I could talk about this type of thing until your eyes melt out of your skull so I’ll try to keep this as brief but interesting!

Anyway, at the end of the project I was most pleased with the Cover, the True Grit interior had a tight, tight deadline (3 weeks to be exact) and the cover was due after the interior. Thinking I had at least a day or two before working on the cover I did the human thing and went to bed. Alas no sooner had I got into bed I had an email saying the cover needed to be in ASAP so I slumped back up to the desk and got brain storming.
From the first email about the Job, one desire of the writer was for the cover to emulate that this was All about Mattie and her tale of revenge. One pieces of reference handed to me was a cover of an old ‘Dime Novel’ with a young western type girl holding a rifle (pictured below). Also the Original Cover art of the Charles Portis Novel (Also pictured below) depicted Mattie holding a rifle too, so from the start having Mattie holding a gun was always a must.

This here is one of my first character sketches I’d drawn of Mattie, so the set up was always in mind.

In the film I loved the way Mattie wore the coat and Hat of her father, so not only did it emphasise how young she was but it had that personal element of Mattie on a journey for her father’s justice. So I absolutely had to draw her in her whole adventure get up. Also with the big hat I got to give her a cool cast of shadow over her eyes
Below you should find the two variations of the cover I’d initially drawn up. This was for some variety to show Paramount but also I had reasoning behind them. The Buffalo Rifle cover was supposed to emulate the rifle that exacts the final blow into Chaney, again going back the original Portis novel, the cover art has Mattie holding said rifle.
Also I have to note that in the riffle cover Mattie suffered a bit of a bucktooth, also you can see the original eye shadow which was removed for the final cover, it worked in the Black and white and sketches but with colour I just couldn't seem to pull off that lower lid catching the light.

Then there is the Dragoon Pistol cover, this was actually my favourite of the two, from the beginning the Gun is massive in her hand so I think it suits her oversized coat and hat… unlike the rifle which was big on her but the pistol looked bigger and had more symmetry to the whole set up o the art I think. And there you have it.

Friday 12 August 2011

Butterfly Gate: colour test cont'd

Still trying out some methods on colouring Butterfly Gate. this panel is from one setting of the the first episode, quite bright and blissfully sunny day. later there should be some shifts in the tone as the 'enfant terrible' head into a deeper section of woodland. this is still quite rough so any crit or advice is more than welcome.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Butterfly Gate: Tests

So recently i've beavered away at the Super 8 project having the almighty pleasure of working again with Ben Read, Jim Campbell and for the first Time my partner in crime Laura Trinder.
This like True Grit MB had a very tight deadline so some ongoing projects had to be respectfully put on hold until I'd completed that. unfortunately Butterfly Gate (written by Ben Read) was one of them, however now I'm back in full swing, finishing off the inks to episode one and doing some colour process tests.
The sketches posted on here are the main characters of Butterfly Gate, these were mainly for the sake of practising my inking. I'm by no means a great inker that's for damn sure, I really do enjoy inking with a brush and try to keep my sketchy pencil style with my brush. still loots to improve but... practice practice practice!

Friday 22 July 2011



(don't worry, it's not a spam link)

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Sketch: When I Grow Up

I've been meaning to do a sketch of this for a month or so but I've been a bit busy with a project and then moving house/studio again, we're fully settled now so getting back to business as usual.
So to kick off some better routine again, here's a sketch based on Fever Ray's 'When I Grow Up' Fell in love with this song and video for reasons beyond me, I blame my lady.
For ears and eyes:

Thursday 26 May 2011

Bristol and an Oribital Podcats

Sorry, I didn't post up when I got back from the Bristol Expo. basically in summary I had a great time, met a lot of pros who gave me some great tips and advice, met a lot of people that i've known through twitter or heard of by the way of the Sleepless Phoenix, everyone was super nice and met some people that seemed to ooze talent.
anyway, actually a bit of a busy bee at the moment. BUT!! I do have a bit of a quick Podcast interview I did with Chris Johnson, he did it on behalf of the Orbital Comics Podcast and you can listen to it HERE
Back to work!

Thursday 12 May 2011

Bristol BICS: sneak peaks,prints and new homes

Gonna be going to the Bristol BICS this weekend, walking round as a spectator as usual, will be trying to find a new home for Dream Solver with Luke we finally wrapped up the first chapter so were taking that along to show and tell.
Also i'll be having some prints of the True Grit MB Cover that were printed for me for the CataWiki event a few weeks back, a limit of 9 A4 to be exact. so if anyone is interested in grabbing a free print with a sign or sketch be sure to find me and ask.. i know my face isn't that well known so if you check out my Twitter i'll no doubt be tweeting where i am, otherwise DM me on twitter or email me and i'd no doubt be up to meet at the venue's bar sometime for anyone who wants a sit down sketch or a print signed.
Also taking along my portfolio to get some crit from some of the pros so i'll have some sneaks at some of the web comics and books i'm working on at the moment.

Monday 9 May 2011

Podcast: UK CardCast

Howdy, just got sent a link to a brief Podcast I did with Paul Bines for the UK Card Cast website its just a brief chat he had with me between some sketches I did at the Catawiki event at Orbital Comics last month you can listen HERE hopefully do abit of a longer chat with him again soon.

Friday 29 April 2011

Sketch: Dr Who - Day Of The Moon

Very happy That The Doctor has returned. from the first episode it looks like were in for a brilliant ride.
Did a warm up sketch today from the clips they've shown of the next episode 'Day Of The Moon.
couldnt seem to settle on any form of full colours so i gave up.
Also check out Francesco Francavilla's Impossible Astronaught piece, awesomeness

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Sketch: BabyDoll

Coloured up a quick sketch, loved the film, fell in Love with BabyDoll.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Dream Solver: EBook Preview

Finally posted a new preview for Dream Solver, you can read through here:
Myebook - Dream Solver - click here to open my ebook
Meanwhile i'm going to sit in the corner to cringe and wait on whatever comments may get thrown in. please leave crits or comments if you have time.
This is the book that propelled me into the comics realms, so there is a lot of finding my comfort zone both technically and stylistically so i think my style has a lot to be desired, although i am happy with most and i think i've stepped it up a notch as the book goes on....but you'll have have to wait and see about that. anyway enjoy.
Big thanks to Luke for waiting out on me to get things done on my end, and to Lauren for jumping into the pot midway and making it look even better.
Also keep checking the Dream Solver Blog for more updates!

Saturday 9 April 2011

Time-Lapse Video: Stuff Bot

just got wind of a time video of me doing a sketch for Stuff Magazine. I did my first sign and sketch session last week at Orbital Comics in Leicester Square last week (sorry forgot to post info about that..nerves) but before the session Luke from Stuff Magazine asked me to do a sketch for the online magazine and to film it with some flashy tech. so here it is the ...."Stuff Bot".... literally did it on the spot and a short time to film so that my excuse for any mess. anyway Enjoy:
Stuff Bot Sketch Vid

Also the guys at Orbital where kind enough get me on their Podcast show, i had a really good laugh with them for a few minutes while they asked me some stuff about how i got on True Grit and general who what when and why about me. unfortunately the sound quality ended up pretty naff so hopefully going in to do another quick Q&A soon so i'll post up that i they ever let me back on for a mumble.
I had a really awesome first time sketch session at Orbital on the behalf of the Guys at the CataWiki site so a nice little shout out to them. but i'll go into that session more in another post because i need some space to babble on about that properly. meanwhile, thanks to those who showed up had a chat and watched me sketch like a nervous chimp.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Sketch: Paradox Malt

My done thing at the moment seems to be coming across characters and stories i like and then having the burning urge to want to draw them. i guess it was inevitable that one of Mike Sizemore's characters jumped in front of me, put her gun to my head and POW! made me draw her.
Anyway here's is a sketch of Merica Adams from a spiffing 5minute short Sizemore and his team put together: PRECISION they put the film together in a mere 48 Hours. from working in the Film scene myself, both on sets and from the drawing board i know that is no easy task having so little time to get something looking so good.
A big factor that made me want to draw the character was the awesome sketches by Dave kennedy that came up at the credits depicting Merica in some bad ass situations. Nazi dinosaur = Very very Cool.
Also some behind scenes stuff here. Nice work guys *doffs cap/bow*

Quick note. accidentally deleted the character layer and found this version quite nice, hurm....

Monday 21 March 2011

Dream Solver: Quick Update

Just finsihed tying up an eBook preview. of Dream Solver Chapter 1. then rounding off the colours of that chapter and then were going to try and find our baby a new home. any publishers out there and have any whiff of interest then be sure to drop us an email to get a look at some more of the book and what were doing with the book on a whole at the moment.

Tuesday 15 March 2011


This here is a warm up sketch, gain part of a small project i've set myself for warm ups and free time.
Those who know the Star Wars: Clone Wars may recognise that this is a sketch of Senator Chuchi.

Tuesday 8 March 2011


quick skecth of Queen Amidala.
part of small project i set myself.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Les Enfant Terribles: The Butterfly Gate

Just got back from a weekend of Brainstorming at my good friend @BookPirate (aka Ben Read). I went along with my My Partner in Crime Laura Trinder to do some planning and mind melding for some books we're working on this year. we have got a lot down some big ideas for the rest of the year. dubbed "the year of doing"
This here is an sketch I did whilst at Ben's and then decided to carry it through to inking when Igot home. they are the protagonists of a series myself and Ben have planned for the coming year. Ben has some serious ideas for these guys, and they are about to go through one hell of a journey. So far i've got one episode in the bag, working under the title of 'The Butterfly Gate'. but i'm going to get a bit of a back up before we release anything fully. but stay tuned, these guys will be around again soon for sure.

Monday 7 February 2011

True Grit: Eagle Awards Noms

just a quick heads up!
apparently fallen onto the drop list on the Eagle Awards website, not sure i've done half as much as I should to earn the right! but its nice to get some appreciation! if you've read the book and like the story and work you can put in vote for me as a 'Best Newcomer Artist' True Grit: Mean Business has been nominated as 'Best British Black and White Comic' also Jim Campbell who was the lettering maestro of True Grit:MB has been nominated for best letterer. now that is a man who has well and truly earned his stripes in the comic book industry this year. to vote for any or all of us go to the website HERE

sorry for another text heavy info email. a bunch of new art and news will be posted by the end of the week.

Friday 4 February 2011

True Grit: Mean Business "what ya'll think"

Still waiting to get a free moment to post up some new work and some True Grit sketches. Meanwhile True Grit has had constant nice responses. or at least a lack of negative responses so i'm turning that into a positive.......anyway, thought i'd share a few reviews, plus i've done a couple of interviews about how I got the job and recently this week i've had an interview more about the process with the Visual Mente Blog. that's usually a Spanish site but they have posted my interview in my own shaky English. anyway here's some links. hope to see more reviews!



If anyone finds any i've missed then be sure to let me know, i'd still like to add links and just generally see what people think.

Friday 28 January 2011

True Grit: Official Business

Just a quick heads up. the True Grit: mean Business Dime Novel is now up on the official movie site it links to different formats of E Books and is available in 7 Languages!
So far had some nice reviews and some really positive feedback. I promise I'll have some behind the scenes type stuff and some general new work up soon. just want to let the dust settle and blow some smoke from the gun. Really happy with the reception so far so thanks for all the kind words and support!
More to come!

Thursday 27 January 2011

True Grit: Mean Buisness

Very happy to finally announce that the comic of True Grit which i worked on has finally gone online.

You can find it on Comixology here, completely free 26 pages of Grit. And a PDF Version here there's so much to tell about the process of this story and how i got the job but i think i'll save it just now. my mind is in a muddle on what to talk about first. meanwhile take a look and feel free to let me know what you may think.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

New Website: Portfolio

Finally got some form of a Portfolio website up, its just a very basic promotion site, hoping to get something abit more flashier at some point in the future but for now its just purely for contact info and gallery so please excuse how stripped to the bare essentials it is, there's still a lot of work to get up on there and a lot of playing around with the design so be sure to keep checking it out in the future to see what comes of it! you can find examples of different work and projects i've worked on. such as Concept art, Comic, illustrations and paintings
you can find it under ChristianWildgoose.com

Monday 17 January 2011

Dream Solver: Cover Art

Late Last night we decided to throw up on the Dream Solver Blog the Cover for the eventual book. were getting ever closer to getting the Ebook preview up. hopefully take some publishing interest and get the ball fully rolling again behind that.

Had a wee bit of a break from Dream solver and all other projects during December as i managed to get a pretty nice job but......The catch with this job was a tight, tight deadline. Luckily everyone who i had some sort of project in the mix with has been more than supportive, even my part time Job in Waterstones gave me some time away to get on with it. I really Cant thank enough everyone who helped and kept me sane.
It should be within this week i can finally tell what the project was, but right now just have to bee a bit hush hush. stay tuned! especially this week!