Sunday 16 October 2011

Concept Sketch: Minor

This here is just a minor character from a book I'm working on titled porcelain, this guy is actually rather minor, but i was really happy with the sketch, from some feedback i've had hes to have some minor changes but essentially this will be one of our chaps. having a meet up to go over all the concept work for 'Porcelain' this week so hopefully after that's done and given the green light i can show some of the sketches I've been doing and the main characters.
I cant wait to get properly started on pages now!

Friday 7 October 2011

Butterfly Gate: More colour tests

This here is a full page of our upcoming Web Comic 'Butterfly Gate' i'm still hammering away at some colour tests of the comic to see if we're happy with the way it's going.
if you've seen my previous posts about the BG colour tests you will probably notice a dramatic change in tone (compare here). Episode 1 of BG goes through about three changes in tone, with these shifts i'm hoping it will add a better depth in the atmosphere and feeling of the comic throughout, this page is actually the first sudden shift into a different physical area, which is aiming for a cooler and more uncertain feeling compared to the wide outdoor garden bathed in sun..

your more than welcome any comments or crit on my colouring or general work you see on here, i'm still very fresh and pointers never go amiss!

Monday 3 October 2011

Tom Waits: Tom's Chin

I've been blown away by Tom waits over the past month or so, I was introduced to his music properly by some chaps from work and now i'm well and truly hooked so it was inevitable that i did some form of sketch of him.

Now It's hard to recommend a song as he's so diverse and has a few different sounds so go check him out yourself, meanwhile i will leave with this video which i do rather like..