Saturday 29 May 2010


So this here is my first post of my spanking new Blog. Recently i've found myself to be working on Comics full time, hopefully i can make a massive go of this and keep this as my full time job. with this has come a bit of slackness because i have found myself without structure or someone telling me when and how long i'm supposed to work. this new blog is an attempt to get myself on some sort of regime a challenge if you will.
The intention of this blog will still be around putting up sketches and what not but each week i'm setting myself a themed character or type of person to draw, just to train myself in areas i'm weak on, or to just punch out some characters i'd love to draw. bear with me, stay tuned, i'm aiming for weekly updates, i've got all the time to myslef now so i haven't really got any excuse, any feedback is welcome and any suggestions towards possible people to draw is welcome, i have my own list which is pretty long but if i like the suggestion i'll be sure to go down that road.
anyway, if you have read this, thanks! and hope you enjoy the stuff to come.

take it easy


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