Monday 17 January 2011

Dream Solver: Cover Art

Late Last night we decided to throw up on the Dream Solver Blog the Cover for the eventual book. were getting ever closer to getting the Ebook preview up. hopefully take some publishing interest and get the ball fully rolling again behind that.

Had a wee bit of a break from Dream solver and all other projects during December as i managed to get a pretty nice job but......The catch with this job was a tight, tight deadline. Luckily everyone who i had some sort of project in the mix with has been more than supportive, even my part time Job in Waterstones gave me some time away to get on with it. I really Cant thank enough everyone who helped and kept me sane.
It should be within this week i can finally tell what the project was, but right now just have to bee a bit hush hush. stay tuned! especially this week!

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