Tuesday 15 February 2011

Les Enfant Terribles: The Butterfly Gate

Just got back from a weekend of Brainstorming at my good friend @BookPirate (aka Ben Read). I went along with my My Partner in Crime Laura Trinder to do some planning and mind melding for some books we're working on this year. we have got a lot down some big ideas for the rest of the year. dubbed "the year of doing"
This here is an sketch I did whilst at Ben's and then decided to carry it through to inking when Igot home. they are the protagonists of a series myself and Ben have planned for the coming year. Ben has some serious ideas for these guys, and they are about to go through one hell of a journey. So far i've got one episode in the bag, working under the title of 'The Butterfly Gate'. but i'm going to get a bit of a back up before we release anything fully. but stay tuned, these guys will be around again soon for sure.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant drawing, love your style and the selective colouring. Seen you were spotted by Paramount, well done mate, keep up the fantastic work!