Thursday 7 April 2011

Sketch: Paradox Malt

My done thing at the moment seems to be coming across characters and stories i like and then having the burning urge to want to draw them. i guess it was inevitable that one of Mike Sizemore's characters jumped in front of me, put her gun to my head and POW! made me draw her.
Anyway here's is a sketch of Merica Adams from a spiffing 5minute short Sizemore and his team put together: PRECISION they put the film together in a mere 48 Hours. from working in the Film scene myself, both on sets and from the drawing board i know that is no easy task having so little time to get something looking so good.
A big factor that made me want to draw the character was the awesome sketches by Dave kennedy that came up at the credits depicting Merica in some bad ass situations. Nazi dinosaur = Very very Cool.
Also some behind scenes stuff here. Nice work guys *doffs cap/bow*

Quick note. accidentally deleted the character layer and found this version quite nice, hurm....


  1. Wow, Dave just sent this around the PRECISION team, what an honor! It is great to see people interacting with the work, and I love how you have drawn Merica!

  2. Cheers. shes a pleasure to draw. you guys did the awesome job though!

  3. Hey Chris,
    Wow. What an awesome sketch. Thanks so much for the kind words. Been stalking you since being introduced via True Grit: Mean Business, and I love your work.
    You're right - that second version is pretty dang sweet :)

  4. ah thanks Dave. loved the credit sketches, also really love the Oswald piece! hope you do more!

  5. Nice work there. Happy accidents are a treat!