Monday 5 May 2014

On The Road! - 2014 Comic Conventions!


Just a quick post about the Comic cons I've signed up to attend this year. Super excited to go to all of these, some are new conventions for me so I'm equally nervous. Please do come by and say hi!

All of these I'll be sketching at and I'll be taking on pre ordered commissions before each con.

Though I wont be taking any Commissions on before this coming Bristol Expo as I have too much work on.  (Sorry!)

If you would like a commission DM me on Twitter or you can find my email address on my blog profile info link on the top left of this page, I'm going to put a limit to 7 pieces for each Convention so get em' while they're hot!

As usual it's free pencil sketches in any of my books you bring or buy on the day.

So I'm booked for:

Bristol Expo : I'll be sharing a table with my Improper Books editor and good friend Matt Gibbs and Sara Dunkerton. They will be Launching their new comic Mulp- Check that out!

Cam Con : Again sharing a table with Matt and Sara. This is my first time at this con so please do stop by and say hi!

Nottingham Comic Convnetion: Another first time for myself at this con. I'm an actual guest and everything! Also I'll possibly be part of a panel so keep your eyes and ears peeled for news on that.

Thought Bubble : As ever returning with the whole Improper Books Team to our beloved comic convention and comic spiritual home.

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