Wednesday 25 November 2015

Dusting Off The Blog.

Hey All,

Wow, so it has literally been well over a year since my last post. I feel equally ashamed and ok with that as the large gap has been literally because I've just had too much to do with work.
So just quickly I wanted to say "hey! I'm alive!" and stay tuned because I have a lot of posts about work and a ton of posts I want to put up about projects I've been working on and I really want to get some posts about process up here too.

Meanwhile to prove I've been busy here's a bunch of pics from my Instagram account which I tend to quickly snap and post glimpses of things I'm working on if I can more than anywhere else.
Some I can talk about some I cant but trust me it's all fun stuff.
Stay tuned! Loads to come!...... I promise!


  1. Great to see you're posting again!
    Would you like me to see you an image of that Laser Eraser/Judge Anderson you did me to put up here?