Monday 18 March 2013

Sketches: Last for a while


Here's the one sketch i did at Demoncon. I took probably ALL day and two attempts penciling this out for what i thought was a raffle prize. Turned out I wasn't entered as a prize in the end *sniff* but luckily a fellow artist wanted a commission off me so they took this off me. well i took it home and polished it off with inks so getting this to them tomorrow.
I've possibly enjoyed this piece the most out of any I've done recently. Maybe because it's my own characters but just had a lot of fun playing with it.

On the subject of Commissions I'm actually going to take a hiatus off from taking commissions on. I've got a lot of work on and I can get obsessed getting these done to a good standard. So I'm going to officially cut it out for a while and get my head down with all the work and put that time towards getting some short strips and a full short comic done.
I'll be getting to some conventions in the year and will do some sketches then but in the meantime no commissions being taken folks!

Take it easy

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