Tuesday 9 April 2013

Full of Pride: guest spot peek

It's been all systems go early this week. I'm hammering away at a couple of jobs I've had. and full swing into Butterfly Gate Episode #2 but I'm saving some of the work up before I go posting much about it or giving any peeks but it wont be long and I cant wait because I'm having so much fun working on that.

Meanwhile, as I said it's all systems go and i'm having a blast. one thing that's helped break things up a bit it that I'm working on (and nearly finished with my little guest spot in the next issue out of 'The Pride' written bu Joe Glass.

This is essentially my first jump into a Superhero-esq comic and so far it's all kinds of fun.
Anyway I'm constantly putting peeks onto my Instagram feed but I thought my blog could do with a little visual too.

Anyway must dash, more to come!

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